About Brain Party

Smart, Quirky Kids Tell All

FlexSchool founder Jacqui Byrne interviews twice-exceptional (2e) students, then their parents, about being the most puzzling student in any classroom. 2e students are those who are both gifted and struggle with learning or social disabilities such as autism, ADHD, slow processing speed, social anxiety, or other challenges.

Jacqui decided to start BrainParty because while there are some experts helping the world learn about 2e students, there was nowhere to hear from these students firsthand. These are the most interesting students in the world, and she wants everyone to know them as she does. 

Teachers will gain a window into the lives of complicated children; parents will recognize their own children and identify with the parents; children will recognize others like them. Each student is unique, and each interview provides valuable insight into an overlooked corner of the educational system. They can help us fix it – hear their advice for others who are 2e and those around them. You won’t believe what they have to say.

While the first students interviewed attend FlexSchool because Jacqui already knows them; this podcast will expand to include English speaking (for now) students from all over the world and all kinds of schools. If you would like to apply to be on BrainParty, please fill out the application here. 

Jacqui Byrne

New Podcaster, BrainParty

Founder, FlexSchool

Jacqui feels very lucky to spend her time with the extraordinary students whom she has met through FlexSchool and elsewhere. She started FlexSchool because two of her own smart, quirky children were not successful in traditional school, getting more anxious and withdrawn as middle school continued.