Brain Party Podcast Archive

Do Bullies Ever Help?

A conversation with Teddy (grade 7), a fantastic writer and budding engineer who has advice for teachers and parents who have students like him who are on the spectrum and have anxiety. His rough journey through school has given him insight into the ways we can all support students who are smart and quirky and challenged. Along the way, we discuss his latest science fiction story and the magnetic generator he’s developing.  

The One Thing Teachers Should Know About Students Like Me

Alexandra (grade 9) is a lover of all things Harry Potter, colorful, environmental, and artistic. Her challenges with ADHD and ASD have gotten in the way of classroom performance and social connections. Alexandra speaks powerfully about how adults can reach students like her. 

This is an Outrage!

David is a middle schooler at FlexSchool who loves math, puzzles, and running a restaurant blog with his mom. He has had trouble with education before because past educators could not see past his energetic classroom behavior and difficulty socializing with peers to see his amazing talents. In this episode, he’ll talk with Jacqui about his gifts and his challenges with ADHD and ASD. Following David’s interview, David’s mom, Deborah, will tell Jacqui what she learned raising a child with gifts that everyone refused to see.